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Do you need a shoplifting defense lawyer in Oakland County? Often, people charged with shoplifting are in court because of a mistake, a momentary indiscretion, or an unexplainable, out of character impulsive act. We will take the time to listen to you and understand your situation.

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The vast majority of retail fraud and shoplifting suspects are not crooks or bad people. We’ve represented hundreds of clients charged with retail fraud in Michigan, and we know that these incidents are often misunderstandings or someone who acted impulsively or thoughtlessly because of stress, anxiety, or depression. We can find out the best way to help you.

The cities and townships within Oakland County have a multitude of retail stores, and suspected shoplifting, also called Retail Fraud, is aggressively prosecuted. After representing hundreds of clients with Retail Fraud charges, the attorneys with LEWIS & DICKSTEIN, P.L.L.C., have learned that there are almost always extenuating circumstances. Police, prosecutors, and Oakland County judges have heard every excuse possible when it comes to retail fraud defendants. They presume that the defendant won’t take responsibility or that he or she needs to be punished to prevent future violations of the law. These presumptions are rarely accurate and almost always fail to take into account important information. It is a defense lawyer’s responsibility to get all the facts and make the government understand that the accused is not a bad person, and harsh punishment is not necessary.

The Other Side of the Oakland County Shoplifting Story

Most allegations of shoplifting result from the presumptions and conjecture of store employees. A defendant must not only have knowledge that a crime is being committed, he or she must also intend to steal or defraud the store to be guilty. Life is busy, and with all the stress people are under, it is understandable that mistakes happen. Inadvertently leaving an item in a shopping cart or forgetting to take off an item of clothing or piece of jewelry should not be criminalized. If a person accidentally forgets about merchandise, then there is no intent to steal, and that person is innocent.

Frequently, people accused of shoplifting experienced anxiety, depression, or they were suffering from crushing stress. It is common to find that these incidents occur around the same time a family member was suffering from an illness, divorce was pending, a change of employment was imminent, a loved one recently passed away, or some similar stressful circumstance occurred. In these cases, the defendant is not a crook or dishonest, he or she was just overwhelmed with life and made a tragic mistake. If this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone, and this is far more common than you can imagine.

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Jail Time for Shoplifting is Wrong

In most cases, jail is unnecessary in a shoplifting or retail fraud case. Most defendants charged with retail fraud have no or little criminal history. In almost all cases, the person did not steal an item out of greed or with an evil mind. As previously mentioned, if an attorney cares enough to take the time to get to know his or her client and discover what really happened and why an argument can almost always be made to convince a judge not to order jail time. In some cases, a defendant needs mental health therapy, and in others, a brief period of probation is sufficient.

If a defendant did not know an item was inadvertently concealed or taken, or if he or she did not intend to steal, that person is innocent, and the prosecutor should dismiss all charges.

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Money is valuable, and anything you spend on legal fees is less that you can save and use for your family. However, having expert criminal defense representation and obtaining the best possible result is a very important investment. You need assistance from a highly experienced, aggressive, and effective Oakland County Criminal Attorney.

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