Attorney Fees in Domestic Violence Cases

An experienced, skilled, and successful defense lawyer will charge a fee that takes into account his or her reputation and track record of success in court.

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You can expect to pay between $2,500 and $10,000 for a good, retained domestic violence defense attorney. The cost of a domestic violence lawyer is determined by many factors, including the complexity of the case and the importance of the outcome.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, spousal abuse, or domestic assault and battery, you will likely be considering if you can afford a domestic violence defense attorney. You must consider several things before you make a final decision.

Quickly Retaining an Affordable Domestic Violence Defense Attorney is Important

An accusation of domestic violence is serious, and anyone can imagine that a conviction can make life very difficult in several ways. Because such an allegation can be so distressing, it is critical to hire someone who can help you and protect you right away. No one plans for the expense of hiring a criminal defense attorney; however, the investment in an experienced defense lawyer is necessary because not having good legal representation is a recipe for disaster. Because money doesn’t grow on trees, the cost of retaining a domestic violence defense attorney is an important consideration for someone looking to retain counsel.

What determines the cost of a domestic violence defense attorney?

There are lawyers with various skill levels, experience, reputation, track records, and cost levels. The old expression, “you get what you pay for,” is applicable when choosing an attorney or any other professional. The factors that are taken into consideration by lawyers when setting the value of their services are as follows:

  • experience with domestic violence cases (number of years in practice),
  • track record of success (does the attorney have a record of satisfied clients),
  • resources available (like multiple lawyers, paralegals, investigators, etc…),
  • specialization of practice (is the lawyer’s practice focused only on criminal defense),
  • whether the lawyer is known as a trial lawyer or litigator, or a “plea lawyer,”
  • whether the lawyer is a solo practitioner or a member of a criminal defense law firm,
  • if is the case going to resolve in a plea or a trial,
  • will there be any pretrial motions or suppression hearings, and
  • the lawyer’s reputation with courts and prosecutors.

A lawyer who is highly experienced, specialized, effective, known, and respected, is going to have a higher price than a less capable attorney. Because most budgets are not unlimited, it is important to determine your budget when seeking qualified legal representation. Your goal will be to find the best lawyer possible within your budget limitations

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What is the “cost” of not hiring the best domestic violence defense attorney?

In determining your budget for a defense attorney, you must consider the consequences that apply to your unique situation. Some of the possible direct and collateral consequences of domestic violence are as follows:

  • up to 93 days in jail for a first offense domestic violence,
  • up to 1 year in jail for aggravated domestic violence,
  • up to 1 year if there is a prior conviction for domestic violence,
  • up to 5 years in prison if there are 2 or more prior convictions,
  • up to 2 years of probation for a misdemeanor,
  • up to 5 years of probation for a felony,
  • loss of custody or visitation rights,
  • difficulty getting promotions or employment,
  • loss or suspension of a professional license,
  • extensive fines and costs,
  • forced therapy, drug and alcohol abstinence, and testing, education, community service, house arrest, travel limitations, a lifetime bar on possessing firearms, and more.

In determining your budget and the caliber of criminal defense lawyer that is affordable to you, you have to consider the potential consequences and to what degree a conviction can impact your life, future, reputation, family, and livelihood.

For resident aliens, Green Card holders, or aliens in the United States on a Visa, a domestic violence conviction can result in deportation or inability to re-enter the United States. A plea under advisement, even a plea that does not result in a conviction, is meaningless in immigration court.

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