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Felony and misdemeanor charges in Waterford Township, Michigan are handled at the 51st Judicial District Court which is located at 5100 Civic Center, Waterford, MI   48329. The court handles all misdemeanor offenses that happen in Waterford, including drunk driving, OWI, DUI, retail fraud, driving while license suspended, driving without a license, domestic violence, assault, assault and battery, possession of marijuana, just to name a few.

The court also handles the arraignment and the probable cause portions of felony cases ranging from Felonious Assault, Drug Charges, Weapon Charges, Assault Charges, and even homicide cases. The magistrates in Waterford have a reputation for setting tough bonds with various terms and conditions which may include the requirement to post cash, alcohol and drug testing, tether, and more.

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Waterford District Judges

The 51st Judicial District Court is served by Judge Richard D. Kuhn, Jr. and Judge Jodine Debbrecht Switalski.

  •  Judge Richard D. Kuhn is a lifelong resident of Waterford Township.  He graduated from Waterford Kettering High School, Oakland University, and the Detroit College of Law – Michigan State University all with honors.  He has been a district court judge since 2002 and is active in the Waterford community.
  • Judge Todd Fox is also a lifelong resident of Waterford Township, graduating from Kettering High School in 1985. He received his college degree from Grand Valley State University in 1989 and his law degree from the Detroit College of Law in 1993. He is licensed to practice in Michigan and Colorado, and he is a licensed real estate broker in Michigan and North Carolina.

Sobriety Court in the 51st District Court

This court does heavily rely on its Sobriety Court for all alcohol-related offenses.  Waterford’s Sobriety Court is operated slightly differently from other Sobriety/Drug Courts.  That is why it is important to have an attorney that practices regularly in this court.

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Lawyers for the 51st District Court in Waterford

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