Common Acronyms in Criminal Cases

A defendant charged with a crime is likely nervous, anxious, confused, and stressed. When lawyers speak in acronyms, it can be challenging for a person to understand their charges or potential penalties.

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A Defense Lawyer Must Help Their Client Understand the Process

The law is complicated and designed so that knowledgeable and experienced people have the upper hand. Experienced criminal defense lawyers are the best hope for a person accused of a felony or misdemeanor offense. Every case is defensible, and with proper representation, you may be able to avoid a conviction and jail time. A defendant who does not understand the terminology and common acronyms used by lawyers and judges in criminal cases is in jeopardy of making a decision to their detriment. The defense lawyer must patiently explain the nature of the charges, the potential defenses, and the penalties available to the judge at sentencing.

Here are some common acronyms in criminal cases that you may find confusing:

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